How to Make/Use Sea Moss Gel


Wash the sea moss thoroughly to eliminate all sea salt. Soak the sea moss overnight in alkaline or spring water and 1 lime.  It will triple in size.

Drain and rinse the sea moss. (Consider saving this water to use as a face rinse or add to your bath for added minerals.)

Place sea moss and spring water in a high speed blender (Sea moss should almost be completely covered with the water).  Blend until smooth.

Store in a jar and place in the refrigerator.  Consume within 3 weeks. You can freeze it for an extended life of 6 months.


Sea moss is commonly consumed in smoothies and soups. It's also easy to add to coffee, tea and pre workout/post workout shakes.

It has a very mild taste and blends easily.

It is recommended that adults consume 1-2 Tablespoons daily.  It is also wonderful for children to have as a part of their daily nutrition!